Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does Xtreme Gaming Cabinets USA offer pinball machines?
  • What are the difference between the products made from Xtreme Gaming Cabinets in Australia and the USA?

    • Practically nothing. Xtreme Gaming Cabinets USA offers the same arcade experience under the same high quality standards except they are built in the USA. We source the same high quality materials and much of the components as possible from USA businesses.
  • If you are based in Australia, who operates XGC out of the USA?

    • XGC USA run by Integrum Retro (Jasen Baker and team) and is the exclusive franchise operator for Xtreme Gaming Cabinets USA out of New England.

  • Why are you called Xtreme Gaming Cabinets?

    • First up, the "Xtreme" bit isn't just a play on the adjective "extreme".

      We operated as Ultra Custom Cabs (Arcade Machines) for several years in Brisbane, Australia, and wanted to change the underlying technology approach of some products and to introduce entirely new product ranges.

      We also received calls from people trying to organize taxi services, get new kitchen cabinetry for their homes, the "cabs" bit didn't really cover the "gaming" aspect of what we do....hence the name change.

      While we could have continued with the Ultra Custom Cabs name, it didn't encompass our advanced virtual pinball and VR machines, and our Driving and Shooter cabinets.

      As such, we decided to clearly delineate the two product lines with the new / existing trading names and logos:
      - Virtual Pinball (including 2 in 1 and MiniPin), VR machines and the BEAST arcade machine - Xtreme Gaming Cabinets branding.
      - Our established retro arcade products, like the BOSS, 2 in 1 sit-down (cocktail table), decks, and standard arcade cabinets - Ultra Custom Cabs Arcade Machines branding.

      From November 2022, the Ultra Custom Cabs Arcade Machines name will cease to be used, and all products will feature Xtreme Gaming Cabinets branding.

      Our extensive range of virtual pinball cabinets support thousands of tables - both recreations of classics and original table designs.
      We also manufacture virtual reality pedestal machines that are principally designed for pinball but can be used for other VR experiences.
      Our arcade products - cabinets, decks, and cocktail tables - support tens of thousands of titles.
      Our driving/flight and light gun cabinets support hundreds of arcade racing/flight, and shooting titles.

      We want to reassure our Ultra Custom Cabs Arcade Machine owners that we're still well and truly around - actually bigger & better - and that your warranty is unchanged and is fully covered for the relevant period.

      Xtreme Gaming Cabinets is simply our new company name.
      The same people and the same great (actually, even better) Ultra Custom Cabs Arcade Machines products.

      © 2023 Xtreme Gaming Cabinets™

      Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

  • How much do your machines cost?

    • The base pricing for our machines can be found on individual product pages, but the total price is dependent on any add-ons you select for your machine.

      EVERY machine we make is hand-built to order.

      All pricing is shown in US dollars by default

      NOTE: Freight delivery costs are always separate and depend on your destination. Please get in touch with us for exact shipping quotes via email at

      You can check out different machine models/artwork on our product pages.

  • How much is shipping?

    • There are two costs to shipping, packing/palleting and delivery. We do not upcharge for delivery, you pay whatever the quoted price is for LTL freight. You can use your own carrier or let us arrange for a carrier for you.
    • There is a $150 crating fee which includes the time and labor to manufacture a solid wood box crate with packing material to ensure your high quality cabinet arrives in perfect condition.

  • Can I get custom-designed artwork?

    • Yes, of course you can.

      A custom design fee applies to all machines except the Beastcade.

      Our graphic design suppliers have a huge array of other artwork on file that is not shown on the site.

      If you have something in mind, please just ask us.
      Many of our clients do "mash-ups" of our existing designs, with different art sets on the sides/backbox of their cabinets.

      You can also commission your own graphic designer - or design your own artwork - and we can print your decals.
      Get in touch if this is something you'd like to do.

      We will supply templates that can be used for your design.

      We print our decals in-house.

      Note: We can only create custom artwork for our machines, not a personal project build, at this stage.

  • How long after placing an order until I receive my item?

    • This depends on current order queue at the time you put down your deposit. Machines are built in the order deposits are received. We do not offer "skip to the head of the line" options for any early or extra payment amounts.

      The week before your machine will be actively built we will ask for the final deposit which will start the build process. Delay of the final deposit will delay the start of your build.

      EVERY machine we make is custom-built. We're a boutique builder of bespoke machines focusing on repetitive quality. Our goal is to improve the process to be as streamlined as possible and we will communicate any delays but request your patience as the wait will be worth it.

      The time frame is an absolute minimum of 50 business days for lightgun cabinets, at least 120 business days for Beast-cades, this can be considerably longer during holidays and peak times, we will do what we can to augments staff, but the primary focus is we will not compromise on time if it retracks from the quality of the finished product. 

      Upon receipt of your order and deposit, we order custom parts for your specific build from our suppliers and production partners. These take time to be manufactured, powder-coated, etc, and to be delivered to our workshop.

      The period after the New Year may also see delays of a week or two because our suppliers are closed or they are unable to access stock early in January. We try to mitigate these delays by pre-ordering materials and parts, but supplier stock availability is not something that we can control.

      We are only a small family business and our machines are in extremely high demand.

      We will keep you updated throughout the build process with messages, videos, and/or photos.

      If you have any questions prior to the start of your build, please get in touch with us directly. Many clients ask about upgrades or new features that have been introduced while waiting, or small cosmetic changes, such as button colors, etc.

      Once your build is complete, freight times can vary - depending on the chosen shipping method.

      We have no control over shipping time frames, scheduling, customs delays or fees, transport industry changes, industrial action, and so on.

      Please see our Shipping & Warranty info.

      If you are ordering a drive from our store: items usually ship within 7 days.