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Xtreme Gaming Cabinets USA

Beastcade 4-Player 50" 32TB Arcade (Launchbox/BigBox)

Beastcade 4-Player 50" 32TB Arcade (Launchbox/BigBox)

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The Beast-cade is aptly named--it truly is one of the most advanced arcade machines available. With its stylish upright cabinet design, it requires minimal floor space while still supporting 100,000+ games. You no longer have to worry about cost, space, or maintenance of a massive arcade--you can have the joy of multiple arcade machines in your home, games room, garage, or man cave in one machine!


The Beast-cade offers remarkable CPU/GPU performance alongside specialized power, search, pause, and display toggle buttons (allowing you to change the look and feel of the game as though you are playing the actual cabinet). Integrated button layouts integrated into the artwork of the control panel. Auto-switching 4/8-way joysticks, top of the line gold-leaf RGB-LED push buttons, and a RGB trackball. Alternatively, up to four players can use XBox controllers to play every game from the arcades to PS2.

It's not just joysticks, trackballs and spinners, we also includ 270+ fully configured lightgun games!

Play lightgun games on the Beast-Cade or get a dedicated lightgun cabinet Video Here (Plug and Play compatibility with GUN4IR, Sinden, Aimtrack and Arcade Europe light guns)

The drives that power the Beastcade were created and are fully supported by Jasen Baker from Integrum Retro.

You can choose from our collection of dozens of awesome art decals or if you can't see an art design you're looking for, please get in touch. We work with artists that can also work with you to create a custom design for your Beast-Cade Machine at NO extra cost.


  • Machine is 48.5" wide across the control panel.
  • 33.5" Deep (with control panel attached)
  • 75" Height

Note: You can remove the control panel to get the machine through a 32" doorway. Machine is just under 24" deep with the control panel removed.




  • Screen: Samsung or LG 50" Full 4K HD. 1 year warranty
  • 10 Gauge steel bezel around the 50" Screen
  • Active Marquee LCD Screen with steel metal bezel
  • Ryzen 7 3700X CPU 8 Core 1 year warranty
  • B550m Motherboard
    *Board Spec’s are a guide only. May change without notice. Changes will not compromise game speed and performance and overall running of machine.
  • 32GB DDR4 ram
  • GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics Card
  • 1TB SSD OS Drive
  • 32TB (2 x 16TB) Launch Box/Big Box system supports 100,000 plus games
  • Logitech Multimedia Speakers 80 Watts Sound System with 2x 210 watt speakers
  • Player Buttons: High-Performance Zero Delay Goldleaf RGB Illuminated Pushbuttons
  • LED Blinky (Color changing RGB buttons according to game layout where supported)
  • 2x Servo Stick Full mechanical 4-8 way restriction with powered auto-switching joysticks
  • New Arcade Encoder Kit USB
  • Ultimarc Spinner
  • New U-Track FlushMount Arcade Trackball.
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Windows® 10, 64 bit with license
  • 4x External USB Ports on control panel
  • LED Strips under control panel
  • 3/4" T-Molding around edges
  • Machines are 100% Brand New CNC cut when ordered

  • Optional Addons:
  • Gun4ir LEDS $125
  • Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Flite Stick $600AUD
  • 2x GUN4IR Light Guns with rumble and recoil $90


The Integrum Retro 32TB plug and play drive


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Machines are custom built to order.
A 50% deposit is required before production of your machine commences.
Please allow an absolute minimum of 12-14 weeks for pick up or delivery.
As our machines are in very high demand, production times can be considerably longer (depending on the backlog of machines to be built at time of purchase).

Price does NOT include freight costs. Shipping will be quoted when cabinet is ready for delivery. There is a $250 crating fee to cover the custom solid wood container your cabinet will be shipped in.

We have shipped all over the US and to many overseas destinations.
Send an SMS, e-mail, or call us for a Shipping Quote.
You may also organize your own transport method.


Our Cabinets:
  • Built to last, with strong joinery and heavy-duty components.
  • CNC precision cut Matt Black Melamine Plywood (not low quality particle board).
  • High quality vinyl artwork printed in-house with laminate coating.
  • Extensive CNC precision cut ventilation slots.
  • Lockable access door.


Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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